Follow the list on this page to properly acquaint yourself with GLEQ's competition.

  1. Where Do I Begin?: Figure out which path you may want to take...

    • New Business Idea

    • Emerging Company

    Reading about the paths will help you to understand the layout of the competition and of this website.

  2. Eligibility: Figure out if you are eligible. Many different types of people are eligible:

    • Individuals with an idea

    • Teams with an idea

    • Existing Businesses

  3. Prizes: Look and see what you can win!

  4. Evaluation and Scoring: Check and see how the winners are determined so that you know where to begin your business preparation.

  5. Submission Guidelines: Depending on your path, this page tells you what you need to include in your submission for the competition.

  6. Coaching Information: This page describes the GLEQ coaching process.

  7. Registration: Depending on who you are, you need to register!